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What is a Short Sale Negotiator

What is a Short Sale

A short sale is the selling of a property where the lien or mortgage on the property is greater than the value of the property, or what the property will sell for.

What is a Short Sale  Negotiator

A Short Sale Negotiator is someone that acts on behalf of the property owner to act on behalf of the owner to negotiate a sale of the property. Short sale negotiators represent borrowers and intercede with lenders to convince the lender that a short sale is in the lender’s interest. Most short sale negotiators are licensed real estate agents with experience in local real estate markets and the home-buying process.

The short sale Negotiator will negotiate with lien holders to agree to accept less than full payment as payment in full on any loans taken out against the property. This may include the first mortgage, home equity loan or line of credit, and any other liens. Although few lenders will go along with a short sale that enables the homeowners to profit, many are willing to agree to a deal in which the homeowner can break even if it enables the lenders to forego the expense and hassles of having to foreclose.

It is the Short Sale Negotiator’s responsibility to a sale that is a win for everyone.

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